Looking for a new company


Why move to a new company?

Someone leaves when the reasons to leave outweigh the reasons to stay. A matter of perception of a person would lead him to make his final decision. No reason should be deemed shallow, as people decide based on what is important to them.

For example, distance may seem as a minor factor. When a company relocates, the distance from the original site influences an employee to consider moving. A new job at a more reasonable location is tempting, as an employee may not want to travel further. This is more common in wealthy Europe, as people can choose for more convenient jobs, compared to Manila where jobs can be harder to come by.

One more reason to leave is when one feels he is not valued properly anymore. A case like this would be like when a worker perceives himself being done an injustice in the company. Like an unreasonable sanction, or being greatly overlooked for a promotion. A hurt ego chooses where it could recuperate.


People also leave a company when internal transfer is not really encouraged. Sure there may be openings posted, but very few internal people get them. Some managers avoid allowing internal transfer, as they do not want to lose headcount. But bigger leaders such as Directors and VPs may do well to see that keeping good employees in the company, even in transfers may be best. It is of little use to a company if a valued employee leaves, but the employee is still an asset if he transfers internally. He is already familiar with the company culture and bureaucracy. And internal transfer is also a form of growth for an employee in terms of variety.

Some leave when their boss let them down. Sure no one is perfect, but there has to be something wrong with you when a substantial percentage of your people leave. A boss with an attrition rate of below 10% lost per year is okay. But going beyond that, would say something about the leadership. Lots of people leaving could reflect bad management practices as the reason.

Some leave when their previously bearable stress becomes painful over time. Stress left unchecked builds up. It should be released positively. An hour of overtime over years and years leads to stress, even for workaholics.

There is also a values mismatch where an employee is not really fit for the company’s culture. The pervading culture and values in a company leadership show what kind of behavior is rewarded and esteemed. For example, if the company culture is one of personal image building, if you do not sell yourself well, you would not be rewarded/promoted. To use an animal analogy; if they are all peacocks grooming themselves, you won’t be appreciated if you are a dam-building beaver. Figure out if the company you want to go to matches your values.

Another encouragement for one to leave, is when there is opportunity elsewhere. After all, why not go somewhere better. It’s not like the company is your wife, that you can’t separate from it. One is free to try opportunity anew. When one feels hopeful about a new company/opportunity, one would pursue the change.


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