Repair Unemployment in the Philippines

     The Philippines is brimming with college graduates, yet has a terrible unemployment rate (7.2%). In terms of horse and cart examples, Manila produced more carts than horses, more grads than jobs to accommodate them. Surely there are things which can be done, to generate more livelihood.

     To generate jobs, the Philippines can do well to mimic countries such as Japan, Denmark, and Norway. These countries generate jobs first before graduates, livelihood before talented people with nothing to do.

     There are few jobs because more Filipinos rather would be professionals rather than productive workers. First world countries surprisingly value blue-collar waiters, carpenters, etc more highly than their 3rd world counterparts. First world countries see these men as co-labourers, 3rd world countries sees them as not a job to take, as one has to be a professional. Filipinos need to dignify working people, not just those who are licensed and professional. Note that farmers are dignified in Germany, Japan, Netherlands. In the Philippines, these are avoided ways of life. Prosperity is not seen in being a farmer here.


     To generate more jobs we may need to put all if not most of the Philippines land into use. In the Philippines, land is often idle, not being used for agricultural purposes. Some provincial lands are still only accessible via dirt roads. Some lands even have unsettled titles, and some dont even have titles at all. Land ownership should be made easier so that land could be sold, or put into agricultural or commercial use.


     Another job generation issue often unseen is the centralization of Manila. Only Manila is being developed, whereas, if it were decentralized, it would lessen also its current woes of squatting, traffic, overpopulation, crime. If the productive cities are also rewarded and developed, jobs would be generated and the whole country maximized. Imagine workers not having to leave the province for Manilla, since they could also make a living there.


      Job generation is also due to an over focus on becoming a licensed professional, rather than a working one. Focus in our country has always been getting the degree. There is very little talk about productivity and attitude towards work. The short term thinking is just getting to graduate. Count how many are nursing grads now who have no work. Never mind if the graduate is just going to bum around the house. What is important is that he graduated (as most Filipinos think). That is why we may need to salute the hard working non graduates who actually do something, who contribute with their work to society. Some current non-working graduates are just know-it-all guys who just promote talk, but do no active work to improve society.

     For job generation to happen, business needs to be supported. More businesses means more jobs. As much as possible, business should be helped to be profitable. More stable and profitable business allows more work/ job positions for everyone to choose. Business deterrent laws and practices damage the growth possibilities and business climate. These should rather be helping businesses so that everyone could be happy. Excessive taxation and the long time needed to start a business both hinder prospective investors to Philippine growth.

     Also for more jobs to be generated, Filipinos may need to change a long time value passed on for generations. Filipinos take more pride in what they know, rather than what they could do. Boasts are better than anything actually done. Cockiness and noise about what one knows and boast to be able to do are better than actual contribution. There are lots of business graduates who haven’t started their own business. If Filipinos are taught to focus more on doing rather than thinking, more value could be done. More work than less idle time, could help Filipinos hold more jobs. 


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