Good thing our lives are intertwined

We are more interconnected than we think, and for good reason. A biblical story shows an instance where lives mesh together by a few events.

The 24th chapter of Genesis tells the story of the famous Abraham wanting a jewish wife for his son Isaac. Abe sends off his servant to search for an adequate lady. The servant comes back in good timing, as Abrahams wife just died and Isaac was grieved. Isaac was comforted by his wife even if his mother has just been buried.

This instance shows the beauty of how our lives are closely intertwined. Each character here had his life affected somehow. The servant saw God’s miracle when he asked for a sign from God whom to choose. Abraham got a God-fearing wife for his son. Rebekah, took a leap of faith and went to meet Isaac, in a far off land. Sadness was lessened for Isaac with the timely gift of a wife, despite at a time of losing his mother.

Starting with the good desire of Abraham, good came upon those around him. They all benefited as their lives were brought together by God, for His purposes. With one intent of Abraham, they all came together and the story of their lives changed.

God brings vitality among people such that they share experiences together. God meets with them and they see something amazing that he does as they gather. There must be good reason why we have people in our midst.



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