Justice and the workplace


Every person in a position of authority has to exact justice. For example, managers have to be just, be fair with all under him, not playing favorites. Hardworking employees will be insulted and embittered by such behavior. Expect consequences, as people get justice for themselves if it is not handed to them.

Let’s have an extreme example, for reference. Let’s say at an office where justice is not observed, an abusive person could just slap the back of the head of his colleagues. After all, it wouldn’t be punished or properly reprimanded. Expect offended parties to plot revenge or retaliate by work, or by other means. As their bosses will not stand up for them, they will ask who will. Most likely they will misbehave or get a job elsewhere.


There are offices where people can be observed to just slack around. This may well be an environment where justice is denied to workers. Idle employees are deliberately allowed to be so. No targets are set and monitored for performance, thus they get away with halfhearted performance. Whenever such is tolerated, don’t expect much justice in an office. Mike Murdock confirms,

“Whatever is tolerated will not be changed.”


An unjust environment will cause inefficiencies, resentment, and wanting to be somewhere better. Injustice would be most felt by the lowest level of the corporate food chain. Companies that have concern for the least of their employees will stand to gain loyalty, admiration, and productivity.

Just leaders will have the respect and full support of their group, even if they aren’t that close or chummy with the leader. Traits like making restitution efforts, punishing wrongdoing, rewarding or acknowledging good behavior, are marks of a fair boss.

Just like a sport, there is no fun in the workplace when there is no fair play.


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