Power of circumstances

A great majority of life events also happen to be circumstantial. Just like a ship is coursed by a small rudder, life is moved, directed by little events.


In the book, “The Black Swan” by Nicolas Taleb, he recalls how unlikely events change the course of history and of lives. Remote possibilities when they come to pass, change situations remarkably.

For example, airport security hasn’t been as serious when two planes smashed into two buildings, remembered as “9/11”. America changed when slavery was abolished. Japanese turned to a great nation after being nuked and losing a war. Life changed for Europe when they became one solid force. No borders, one currency, made lot of changes redirecting how they lived life.


Small seeds of circumstance sways life. Seeds of circumstance grow into events, ideologies, movements, lifestyles. The fluidity of life magnifies and gives birth to small changes. Life cultivates small, robust things that are believed in and watered like, well seeds.

Little ideas reveal how grand they are with the passage of time. The grandeur of small things come out in its uniqueness, practicality and contribution to society. Unappreciated thoughts can renew the face of the earth. The unnoticed makes its presence known soon. Just like a virus makes a man sick, a small idea can impact greatly. Snowball effect, faucet leak, a spark, all generate a big effect soon enough.



2 thoughts on “Power of circumstances

  1. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this post and the rest of the website is extremely good.

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