Doing away with a culture of non-accountability


Terrible leadership can be observed to avoid responsibility. A lot of leaders nowadays seem evasive of their duty to their people. There’s too much barking orders, less real concern. No wonder a lot of workers badmouth their boss. No wonder bosses resort to using words such as “integrity”, just to convince/coerce those under them.

There is no trust, since the leader has not proven himself trustworthy. Some corporate bosses have become distant from the hearts of their constituents. Another example is government, becoming unanswerable to the concerns of taxpayers. Such leaders deliberately avoided being their brother’s keeper.


It is important to have a minimum sense of responsibility to one another. We need to keep each others concern in check. Not doing so would create an indifferent society, uncaring for each other. “The common good” is a phrase that should be part of us in the workplace, street, mall, wherever. Leaders ought to be answerable for their decisions and actions. But they are busy being just visible and photo-ready for times of success.

Few bosses have come to be responsible for employee non-motivation and disgust. Few have been responsible for misbehavior of a group. Tolerance of wrong, is a subtle way of saying wrongdoing is okay. What sometimes happen is lip service concern, when what is needed is real significance to the lives of others. There are too many Judas who are concerned with themselves only, and not enough Peters, after the good of the flock.


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