Expertise Needs Character

There are times when we need an expert, and there is a lot at stake.

For example in pregnancy, a woman selects a doctor who would help her through the process. Unfortunately doctors in Manila now readily call on the option of caesarian section. The hardship of the times and the time spent for a medical degree greatly convince a doctor to maximize profits. Caesarean section is a bigger weight loss to the wallet than normal child delivery.

In cases like this, the character of the expert, the doctor, counts a lot. A doctor without a conscience would leave the maternity patient scarred for life. After all, C-section leaves a permanent mark on the patient’s stomach. C-section also prevents a couple from having as many child-bearing possibilities. This is a consequence paid for by the couple, because of the action chosen by the expert.

Another example of expertise is that of past president, Gloria Arroyo. She is a PhD in Economics yet, the Philippines hasn’t improved economically after her 10 year tenure. Even with the authority given to her, and her supposed capability, she fell terribly short. Take into consideration that at that level of study, one should already know a lot. Either her universities produce incompetent economists, or she may have had dubious character.

There is a vacuum for real experts in life. There is a real need for people who are the best in what they do. And there is still a searching for people worth trusting.



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