Weakness of Kasambahay Bill

The Kasambahay (Household help) Bill is a burden imposed by government on employers, on kasambahays, and on society in general.

Employers will pay for the 13th month pay, part of the SSS and the Philhealth benefits. Government forgets the employers of kasambahays are but salary workers as well. They are not businesses that can afford to pay SSS, Philhealth, and 13th month to employees. This is why there is an informal settlement for salary, taking on perks such as stay-in for maids, free use of electricity, tv, food, etc.

Some employers may not well afford household help if it were to cost at a rate dictated by government. That would be a problem also to kasambahays everywhere since they would have to look for new work, if their salary cannot be met by employers.

Given the current lack of jobs in Manila, having less kasambahays jobs due to its high pay, would produce more unemployed people. Think possible new unemployed, or worse, criminals soon. Also, since there would be fewer jobs in Manila, expect more kasambahays to become OFWs. This would be more money for government. This would also mean more OFWs to be maltreated, raped, abused, etc.

The correct way of doing this would be for government to produce more jobs,  such that few people are going into being kasambahays. Then would kasambahays’ salary increase. This is the natural flow of salary economics.

For the long term, the sole benificiary of the Kasambahay Bill would be the government. There is money to be made from SSS and Philhealth contributions.


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