Filipino Movies Need Slums for Real Feel

The current trend for Filipino movies, teleseries, and sitcoms is having squatter’s areas as background scenery. Possibly this is done to add a realistic and dramatic feel. It is almost like, there is no authenticity without a slum scene.


Currently it is being continued for two reasons. First is that movies have this because a lot of Filipinos are poor (to identify with the majority). Second is many Filipinos have not nice looking places to live in.  But not all of Filipinos are below middle class. Somehow media should stop exalting and focusing on that side of society. Looking at movies now, people think its destiny or the way to be Filipino.


People could’ve been born poor, or had something tragic causing them to become poor. But media has strengthened belief that being poor is something to be proud about. The message suggests, to belong to general society, you should be poor. It is as if you are not Filipino if you are not poor. It is as if people have no identity apart from identifying with poverty.


We become what we often feast our eyes upon. Unfortunately for us, it is not something pleasant. We’ve chosen to accept from media, garbage not as an eyesore, but as a deprived and false-humility backdrop in our regular entertainment.


Let us instead do as the successful nations do. Let us emulate their media example. We may need to have a better model to feed our eyes, for our sake, and for the next media watching generation. What people often see may become what is real to them.


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