Better Than the Political Dynasty Bill


The newly proposed anti-political dynasty bill is hoped to minimize corruption in the country. It hopes to ban wives, sons, daughters, illicit sons, illicit daughters, and other relatives from government posts.


Yes nepotism can be an issue in government, as it has been with some corporations as well. But what actually irks people is not that a family is in government, but that the family in government is corrupt. Filipinos would likely not mind Binays or Aquinos, or Ampatuans in office, so as long as these are productive civil officers and not corrupt benefactors.


Sad to say, with the quantity of bad officials, people have began to look at families in office as the reason for corruption. Nepotism, or family members in office, is not necessarily the main problem, but the character of elected officials are.


Instead of an anti-political dynasty bill which just addresses symptoms of corruption, we may have to go to the source. Laws may have to be passed to screen government officials for character. Another alternative is, removal from office may be need to be assigned to officials for wrongdoing. Both alternatives tackle the issue, bad apples coming in government, while the political dynasty bill just assumes all apples of the same type are bad.


Let us as an example a child with a fever. The dynasty bill would just be ice on the forehead of the child. It tries to bring the temperature down, but does nothing to treat the issue, a possible infection or virus, etc. Targeting the character of elected officials would help put in government noble people.


Sen. Miriam Santiago may be wrong in addressing the bigger issue. Hopefully government can realize and see the corruption and character lack that must be dealt with in selecting officials.




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