Problem with Filipinos Having Pacquiao as Prime Hope


The recent loss of Manny Pacquiao brought the Philippines to disappointment. But this is a much needed disappointment for bigger reasons. It seems like for a long time, Pacquiao is one of the things to be proud of as a Filipino. And unfortunately there is not much else.


The loss it seems is a needed wake up call to Filipinos. The nation has to make a lot more reasons for Filipinos to be proud. Much like first world people are proud of their nation, Filipinos should emulate and raise the dignity of their people. What happens is everyone pins hopes and admiration on a few Filipinos (Manny notably). The energy could better be spent on doing things that would build Filipinos up.


Manny still has a lot of fight in him definately. He can still win a few more fights given his stature. The same thing cannot be said of the Filipino currently though. Much work has to be put in to change things now, so that there could be some hope in the future.

Chinese woman running on hillFilipinos should not be sad at the loss of Manny Pacquiao to Juan Manuel Marquez. Manny made $8M even on a loss. Filipinos need to make something of themselves, and not put hopes on the aptly rewarded Pacquiao.


By Manny’s loss, may Filipinos focus on more worthwhile things that can bring glory to their nation. May there come a time that when foreigners hear “Filipino”, they may not just remember Pacquiao, or Efren Reyes, but a nation of wealthy, honorable, powerful, upright Philippine citizens.  May Filipinos be esteemed to be in the leagues of the Japanese, Americans, West Europeans, and so on.


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