Women May Need to Do Boxing or Muay Thai


The Philippines, with its increasing rate of violence towards women, could do well to promote self defense for women. It is unlikely for the next few years for policemen to minimize the crime rate, thus ladies may want to consider fighting back. Boxing or muaythai are effective self defense precautions women can take to defend themselves or discourage attackers to proceed.


Few men would dare take a free punch from Fil-American Hurricane Julaton. Women like her, who fight back, discourages murderers, rapists, kidnappers and thieves from their plot. Fighting back delays criminals’ timetable to carry out their attack. Women fighting back also makes it frustrating for unsuspecting offenders.


Exercise is also a benefit of learning fighting/boxing. Physical movement helps the body exert effort and at the same time be rejuvenated. Boxing, MMA, or Muaythai also helps produce sweat which is rare among people who just go to the office and not have much physical exercise.


Self defense classes such as these are also high intensity movements which make them effective and essential for good health. The heart and other muscles are well activated compared to non-strenuous activities.


Confidence is also a byproduct of martial arts. Women who try martial arts can expect an increase in self esteem, as they take care of their bodies and know how to defend themselves. People tend to belittle those they know wont fight back against them. But fit and strong people aren’t easily picked on by bullies.



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