Philippines Not Likely to Do As Brazil Protest

The recent 2013 Brazil Protests showed the disgust of the nation against corruption. Though Brazilians did it, the Philippines would not go on such a protest. Listed here are why such a scenario won’t occur.


a) The Philippines is not as united as Brazil. Filipinos are very fragmented. People are more concerned about fellow Ilocanos, Davaoenos, etc. Manila residents care only of Manila issues and rarely care about the development of other cities. 


b) The rich and powerful, are not interested. The most influential people, critical components of nationwide change are non participants. It would not be in the interest of the wealthy Filipinos to help other Filipinos, unless it means a profit for them as well. 


c) Media is a non-participant in such a protest. Coverage will be mild at most. Ampatuan murders had coverage since media people were murdered. When Filipinos are badly beaten and bloody in protests such as Edsa 3, don’t expect media to show it as they should. They feel the 10 seconds of coverage would be fair in showing why poor protesters were beaten.


d) Philippines prides itself on adaptability. It will suffer as long as it needs to, chooses to. Only at a possible tipping point, of too much too soon could trigger Filipinos to act. Like a large snake in a henhouse, there will be panic and crying, but majority will be eaten. Like hens, pinoys are unlikely to change the situation, but ride it out. Just hoping not to be the eaten hen.


e) Philippines is a culture of saving face. Government officials will not allow a nationwide outcry of their incompetency. People would be “allowed” to die, just that those in power remain in place. It was timely that Glorietta exploded when Gloria was exposed in Hello Garci. Just by saying sorry and that coincident distraction, everything is back to where it was.


The outcry to God is not yet at its peak. Filipinos still cannot protest the high corruption in the nation. Yet there is still hope as the bible says, “God laughs at the wicked, he knows their time is near”.






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