Quiapo Black Nazarene 2015: The Unspoken Plea for Hope

quiaponazarene4The Quiapo Black Nazarene phenomenon would be ignored if only 5 showed up for the event. It is really about the large crowd (est. in the millions). Filipinos have made a statement – they want a miracle, a change.

These are all real people here. No celebs having selfies. No billionaire Filipino. No corporate CEOs were mentioned coming to the church. Just average Joes in their flip-flops (yes, no fear of getting their feet stomped ). Everyone is either a volunteer in yellow shirt, devotees in the red-purple clothes, or just the wild majority.


The boundary/space occupied by last year’s marching towards Luneta Park has now been overflowed with people. The size keeps getting bigger each year. It is no accident more citizens are becoming desperate, hopeful, for some blessing from above. Even as a good luck token for the year, people flock to the area,  wishful that they may receive hope from heaven.


Some come as committed devotees , year after year, hopeful for a change in their lives. We could all relate to the poor wanting some comfort, as they have seen Philippine years go worse every time.


People are going out of their way, to show sincere, heartfelt desire for change. Politicians should count the distraught people of the crowded Plaza Miranda, and see the faces of sweaty, tired citizens they have failed. Luckily these are all pleading God for change, and not storming Malacanang or Batasan in their number.


Quiapo has always been a place to make a statement. Filipinos have made theirs. May God hear us and grant change to our land. May our government officials be ashamed of their acts affecting the poor, the desperate, and the believing Filipinos.


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