Experiencing the Best Adobo… Experiencing God

Have you thought your cooking could be any better?  With the surplus of food channels, and even food shows on local tv, anyone would think an adobo could be something better.  This is why people try using expensive soy sauce.  Or marinate meats for a really long time.  Some add foreign herbs and spices to add a unique, exotic upgrade to the dish.  Imagine thyme, sage, olive oil, saffron, truffles if you have the budget, and so on.  Some pressure cook prime pork so it looks firm though becomes flaky at the touch of a fork.


There is something we cannot accept about our circumstance, and we would want it, greatly improved, if not slightly better at least.  The sweet, salty, sour adobo dish is not terrible, there  just has  to be more.  The scent of star anise is pleasant but sometimes, does not suffice when you’ve had the dish so often.


It’s ok if it is your favorite dish.  But the allure of being better is always there.  That is why chefs are an expensive commodity, so to speak.  Not everyone pays a chef to serve at home.  You love adobo, but there has to be a unique spice to it.  Something short of making you crave it anew.

The search is an acquired desire.  There comes a day when you just think, there has to be something better, a variant, a slight deviation, a joyous discovery of something fresh, delicious and new.


But the lack of a new dish does not bring it to existence.  It has to be discovered.  Chefs go through trial and error.  Promising cooks try out combinations they’ve imagined.  It is actually a journey into discovery.  They come upon truth.  Men and women of excellent taste, come upon a procedure of cooking, come upon ingredients, that come together to produce beauty.


The wonder of the majestic dish is real.  Sometimes how to make it is even a secret.  There is great joy in making it up.  The tasters salivate when they are asked to try a portion to sample.   A truth not before disclosed becomes a tangible reality.  It has always been real ever since, but only now it can be had on the taste buds of our tongue.


Something previously unseen, much like the special recipe, is like a spiritual concept, which we just haven’t seen yet.  It is much like God, until we’ve experienced him, that’s when we open up to something wonderful, foreign to us, yet truly delectable.  We may be yearning for something in this life, something worthwhile and delightful, something almost out of this world.  Until we have a taste of heaven, we wouldn’t know it.  Ignorance can helped be breeched by experience.  May we hunger for a taste from the Master Chef.  May we satisfy not just our palates, but our souls as well.

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