Rape in the Philippines – The Hidden Role of Media


Some years ago, a three famous comedians admittedly raped an upcoming actress, named Pepsi Paloma.  Unfortunately, the actress killed herself (though foul-play is highly suspect).  Afterwards, the offenders had continued in entertainment media, since they had been nurtured by showbiz.  Their TV network at that time continued to support their media exposure.  Money spent to build up the stars is more important than decency and respect.  Never mind if youths and the public would look up to celebrities, and emulate, approve of their deeds.  One of the offenders’ brother is now even a  senator.


Media had a strong influence on the effect of that case.  Everything was downplayed to an “error”.  Money continued to be made off these actors. Much like politicians clinging on to their posts despite scandals, the actors do the same.  Opinion of the public were ignored and the case was not given due  exposure that it should.  Media, the influentials, and our society, treated  rape lightly.


Going now to 2015, 30 years after the actress’ death, rape cases turned worse.  Daily crime re-enactment shows  rarely have a week without a rape turned murder.  On one show, you can hear tv/radio reporter Mike Enriquez detail how gruesomely a 14 year old girl had bruise marks, broken bones on her dead body. Instead of just rape cases, these have now evolved to manslaughter.  Ladies, some even still children, never had the chance to be with their loved ones again.  If it were just rape, they could probably have somehow recovered, still lived, still had the chance to love and be loved.  And the numbers keep growing – rape-murders increasing by the month, and majority on minors.  Daily showing rape re-enactments do not help lessen the crime.


If the famous do it (and get away with it), what’s stopping common people from doing the same?  Dubious stuff was done to settle things off court, and of most convenience to the guilty.  Amends have not even been made to the victim then.  Even temporary work suspension was not even done for the evildoers.  Wonder why media has made rapists more acceptable and tolerable.


These are the lies suggested to us by media:

“We should overlook that they belong to influential clans.  We should accept them since they help a lot of the poor with donations of money, almost daily.  The comedians should be adored for the joy and humor they spread on tv.  The Eat Bulaga hosts are doing just what normal macho men do. They are not evil, only victims of circumstance, of a mild mistake.”


These funny guys on tv haven’t lost face but rather, gained notoriety.  Popularity is more important than doing the right thing.  Lucky them, they are alive.  But someone younger than them, Pepsi, didn’t reach the advanced age they have now.



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