How Strengths Finder Can Do A Lot Of Good


.     Strengths Finder, the book, has helped millions of readers to see themselves like it were the first time they faced a mirror. The bestseller opens up to the reader to see his own unique strengths, something he may have a subconscious knowledge of, but couldn’t discuss much.


.     According to the book, each person has 5 unique strengths (from 34 possibilities) that distinguish him from everyone else.  Finding a another person with the exact same 5 strengths, is finding 1 out of 278,000 people.  This could be a deterrent to suicide attempters, when they come to know that they are very unique in their set of strengths.


.     The authors were objective, in getting hundreds of people as interview subjects, and noting down their observed strengths. After collecting data, only then did they process and made sense of everything. The approach is more accurate than psychology books, fitting people in neatly assumed stereotypes.


.     The bestseller explains a lot to the reader his own particular behavior, his outlook in life, his tendencies. One opens up to his uniqueness, why he is made special.  Also the discovery of one’s own capabilities and potential is a wonderful thing. Readers understand why some people are natural at influencing others, why some build relationships easier, why some have a knack for getting things done, and why some like to approach things like a strategy game.


.     A few samples of the 34 strengths available are interesting. The Arranger strength likes things properly set in a certain order. The Woo strength likes convincing people, winning them to his perspective. You may have a friend who is Futuristic and enjoys seeing things in light of the years to come. The Empathy strength is highly sensitive to the feelings, aspirations, desires of others. You may also come across a boss in your life who is always fair/consistent towards how he treats his people (Fairness theme). Although these are but 5 examples, there are more strengths that would suit each person.


.     People miss out on a fulfilling life when they don’t know the particular strengths they have. Notice how someone keeps silent when a group discusses how smart someone is? A person who does not know that he also has great strengths within him feels insecure at people who develop their strengths. At times like this,  a person who does not know and appreciate the greatness put in him, he tends to compare himself with others.


.     Life is not lived best when you exist to just correct your shortcomings. There will always be flaws, mistakes, missed opportunities. Rather, people are meant to develop their strengths. If you have the best jaw-dropping voice in the world, do you need to master nuclear physics?

wood textured backgrounds on the forest backgrounds

.     Imagine you are a fish. Life would be wasteful if all you want to be is a bird. You can explore the depths of the oceans, something no bird can do. Strength finder is something that shows you whether you are a fish or a bird, or what other thing. So you don’t tire and waste yourself out to try become the other. There is beauty, opportunity, wealth, and life meaning in being a fish.


.     This Businessweek bestseller is a worthwhile investment of both reading time and money. Time to seek out the hidden artwork within oneself, friends, and the people we relate with.




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