How Azkals Football Can Become World Cup Calibre


.     Football is the most popular sport on each country, save for America and the Philippines. Truly a global entertainment endeavour, countries tune in to the World Cup occurring every 4 years. Football is played internationally at different leagues, but the World Cup becomes a venue for every country to take part in, and offer their best players.


.     There was among the world’s best soccer players a Filipino, by the name of Paulino Alcantara. The man played in Spain and brought about numerous wins for his team. This Filipino is much like a Lebron James, or Steph Curry, a legend at his chosen sport. Although football is not height dependent, the Philippine nation does not excel in this activity. The potential is clearly there (as shown by the football genius Alcantara), and we merely need to work out some shortcomings.


.     The typical bystander, or named tambay by Filipinos, has not even played a game of Football. He may have at least played 50 basketball games in his life, but not one game of the white and black spotted ball. The grass field needing game is something more common to the well-off portions of society. Meralco has its own football field, so does high end schools such as International Schools, and All-boys schools. This causes a talent pool of only a small portion of the population. Don’t wonder why the Philippine team is mostly European/foreigners.


.     Many Pinoys might sign up to play had there been a lot of incentive.  Currently aspiring World Cup players are not paid as large, compared to basketball money. Aside from the Askals, only collegiate teams are the ones that come to mind for the curious. The provinces, mostly schools, have to see the advantage in being developed for Football. There could be distinction for schools which seek to make a name for themselves, producing the best Football players. Schools would do well to have potential pupils that Europeans may scout and sign up, much like Brazilian players. The talent is there, it just hasn’t been mined, sought.


.     Having cheap beer available for soccer events may help. Much like how Americans hold sporting events where beer is sold in disposable cups. Some sport events in Manila sell liquor, though not as reasonably priced for the viewing public. Having goods sold produces a consumer venue for Football, people who want to be entertained for a good price.


.     Team sports are not so much popular in the Philippines, aside from basketball and volleyball. Soccer, rugby, baseball, and other team games do not have much following. Possibly due to being a very fragmented country, such team plays do not catch on, compared to other countries. It would still do Filipinos a lot of good to appreciate and participate in team efforts.


.     Football events may profit better if they are not taxed yet. For the industry to grow and flourish, it still may not be the best time to milk it. When there has been adequate demand for people, to see football, only then should it be given a regular tax.


.      It will still take a lot of time and effort to make Soccer in the Philippines a fan favorite. The “beautiful game” is still a noble pursuit for the Filipino. Hopefully, little by little Filipinos may learn to pull off this hat trick.



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