HR Talent Recruitment Important Considerations

'Where do I see myself in five years?  If you ask one more stupid question, prison.'

.      Excellent companies know that obtaining great talent, much like any other rarity or treasure, needs a lot of tricks.  After all, a company is only as good as the people comprising it.  Much like an elite squad of Marines can eliminate a platoon 4 times their size, quality brings decisive results.  On the opposite end, hiring baboons would incur certain costs and consequences.  Unless you work in a zoo, you wouldn’t want to work with a beast.



.      There are various factors that influence an exemplary hire to join a company.  The more crucial factors a company has, the greater the likelihood to be considered.  All, if not most of the factors should be taken to attract quality personnel.


.      First consideration would be salary.  One does not have to be the highest bidder, but at least get the prospect to even glance.  Also, if a company is not competitive in its salary offer, it may not even be a contender among  great companies.  The mediocre draws in fellow mediocre, when it comes to incentives.

"These are the principal qualities we're looking for in our new recruits."

.      Interview convenience would be the second way to entice great applicants.  Many prospects cannot afford to have a day off from work.  Best to have at least one HR staff who would work mid shift to accommodate applicants for night interviews.  The few companies who would do this – stand to gain an employee who values work time.   Another convenience issue is asking the applicant to bring a resume, instead of an emailed copy.  Some HR staff get too lazy to just print a resume, opting an applicant to get on a bus while protecting an envelope with the cv, sometimes on a rainy day even.


.      Third approach to getting better employees would be offering a schedule choice.  All things being equal, if an applicant is given the choice of a schedule, he would consider that an added advantage.  If he lives far away and requests a 6am-3pm shift (to avoid traffic), that could entice him to consider the offer.



.      A fourth option to woo prospective employees would be to have a quick processing time.  Given a candidate out of work for two months, he was given a 3-day processing while another did a 14-day processing.  The job-seeker might opt with the quickly processed one, with the length of his being out of a job.  Everything is based on speed now.  Email, mobile banking, same day deliveries, etc.  are all conscious of time.  Recruitment should be the same.  Else lose out on an eager-to-work hire.  Quality hiring is still a priority, but in this modern age, it is expected to be done quick before the competition does.


.      Fifth talent acquisition consideration would be work location option.  Some BPO’s allow work from home setup for some of its hires.  Some allow outsourced work to be done in another branch more convenient for the worker.  If a company has the budget, why put up just one branch? Talent living far away would not easily consider moving closer to the company.  But the massively hiring company can afford to have branches spaced apart, and thus hire competent people wherever they may be.


.      Sixth, and last, approach would be an active pooling of people to pirate.  If a company is not on the forefront of the hunt, chances are people are being pirated from it also.  This act also encourages HR to consider if it is great in talent retention, development, incentives, policies, etc.  Most recruitment staff have a post to fill and find a person.  Few look at a prospect and come up with the best job offering for him.  No wonder the prospect eventually leaves, since a better opportunity comes up. Matchmaking has to have both the interests of the employer and candidate satisfied.


.      Truly good, competent staff are hard to find.  Much like great lovers, star employees are hard to find, difficult to hold, but quite worthwhile.  Recruiters need a lot of urgency and discernment if they want happiness for their company.





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