Making Friends in the Over-friendly Philippines


.     The Philippines has a widespread reputation for being a friendly people, much more in the hospitality/services field.  Making friends can be quite difficult for most people as issues such as trust, motive, sincerity have all flawed past friendships and cast doubt on new ones.


.     One helpful way of making new friends is having an other-person view.  People make friends easier when they look out for another person’s needs/concerns/issues.  If you are going out to the 7-Eleven, why not ask a colleague if she wants anything from there?  If you would be seeing a movie why not ask someone you know, if they would like to know if it is good to watch?  If you would be making coffee, why not tell someone early on so they would be among the first to get.


.     Another way of making friends is to practice small talk.  Just say anything light to talk about.  For example, when getting water,  say to a colleague, what does he think of the latest tv commercial everyone has been talking about.  Or ask an acquaintance why she seems so much fit and healthy unlike the past days.  Small talk is just touching base with people, asking them how they are doing, how they feel about what is going on.


.     Third tip for making friends, is being interesting.  Have a hobby.  Travel.  Do exciting things.  By bringing more life into your life, people are drawn into you as well. Wear clothes with pictures on them.  Have unique accessories which will prompt people to stop and ask about them.  Have a fashion theme.  Even changing your look once in a while is bound to draw in admiration and questions from onlookers.


.      Fourth tip for making friends is to be cheerful.  Happiness is contagious.  Happy folks draw people in.  People want to be close to people who bring good cheer.  Life is too short to be sad.  People who choose to be happy will always be surrounded with people who want joy.


.     Fifth is most importantly, friendship is a gift.  Though not all people around us may be good folks, God still provides people who would best benefit us.  Friendship once we have it scrutinized and approved for all its positive values, is a beautiful thing. Once we make friends little by little and cherish them, then we could be trusted with more friends. One friend in a lonely office space makes it not a battlefield anymore.


.     It is easy but it takes time and a little effort.  And also a lot of luck.  But life is meant to be blessed with friends.  Such as food is bland without salt,  friends add flavor, excitement and meaning to life.