Getting Around Tourist-friendly Singapore


.     Singapore is a great choice for a first time traveler.  The country has an easy to understand train system that makes it cheap and convenient for those who visit.  Every tourist site on a map can be visited via the train.  One can see a variety of tourists on the Singapore MRT, a lot of them blond Americans/Europeans.  Also train stations are so safe, no one would fall off the ledge since there are doors which only open when the train is there.


.     Also efficient is the bus system where routes are fixed for certain bus numbers.  You may need to use an App though.


.     The famous Merlion is another Singapore landmark.  It is surrounded by a lot of bars, clubs.  The area is definitely good for a few drinks,  and then walk nearby to the delicious Doner and Kebab places that offer a snack before heading home.


.     Singaporeans are also fond of gardens.  Pictured above is the Gardens by the Bay, a 5 minute walk from Marina Bay Sands.  By riding the MRT, you can visit the huge 74 hectare Singapore Botanical Garden, (you need rubber shoes or else suffer).  Structures looking like alien trees are actually built up of smaller plants.  Gardens are a pleasant addition to the busy city Singapore has become.  Pictured below is an indoor-airconditioned waterfall of the Cloud Forest.


.     Walking around is also an interesting idea.  You would come across local food and Singapore’s popular variety of restaurants.  There are too many cuisine, Arabic, Thai, Japanese, American, even such as the Swiss restaurant Marche.  Walking around one would stumble upon street food such as the local ice cream sandwich (cheap, 1 SGD only).


.   Practice walking for 30 minutes or so, before setting to try Singapore on foot.  Everyone walks so fast.  Your belongings are often safe, since CCTV cameras are widespread.  And also even leaving your bag on a table,  would not face any theft since the culture looks down on pickpockets.

ONLY IN SINGAPORE - Funny Pics006.jpg

.     Looking beneath malls and MRT stations (Downtown MRT, the financial area) are a lot of nice restos,  boutiques,  clothing shops, and supermarkets.  Singapore with its expensive land cost, tends to build downwards, hence malls going several floors beneath ground level.  It feels suffocating going several floors down without windows, but eventually the locals are used to it.


.     Singapore is an interesting place.  It is a beautiful mix of several nationalities and cultures all peacefully living in one place.  For those choosing a first country to go to, Singapore is the prime place to start (take the reasonably priced Tiger Airways).