Why Integrity Is A Permanent Management Issue


.     There will always be office talk of how one boss diverted funds for himself.  A boss creating division in his team due to false rumors happen sometimes.  People will always be looking at motives of their leaders.  Employees would always want to be reassured their boss is not out to exploit and maltreat them especially secretly.


.     Integrity,  or lack of it,  is always an issue in Boss-Employee relations,  Human Resource complaints,  and even in plain everyday work relations.  One example is a boss would exclude a female employee from meetings,  only to school her later in what she missed out on, creating dependency on the boss.  Another example is putting a female employee in an awkward schedule,  where she would be bound to be alone often,  thus creating kind situations for the boss to be often available to talk to.


.     There are also company bullies who would harass and lie to making a colleagues life miserable.  Sadly though,  some companies even reward these kind of people with a promotion.  But eventually time and truth find their way to show up.  Unfortunately,  sometimes great damage has already been done,  and some are left to suffer.


.     Sometimes people who illicit trust are also to be looked out for.  Trust is a valuable gift.  It is not meant to be handed out carelessly.  Not everyone is after your best interests,  so it takes a lot of prudence,  a lot of God-given guidance to see who is true.


.     Trust is not something to be demanded of people.  You have to prove you are trustworthy.  You have to earn the trust and respect of the people around you.  This is where most leaders fail.  They see their position as trustworthy,  not that they are to guard and protect the interests of their team.  They overlook the gift of trust,  wasting it and degrading themselves.  And this is not just for office affairs outside of marriage.  Everything is integrity.


.     One test of integrity is record what person may say.  True character is revealed when people would speak as if no one is hearing.  You may be surprised at the true heart revealed in a person.  Integrity is something developed over time.  It has to be honed,  it has to be refined,  it has to be lived by.  No one becomes upright overnight,  but a deceptive person will always,  if not often,  do subtle lies.


.     Great people will not respect,  much less value a leader who does not have a minimum level of integrity.  Sure the boss will be followed,  but up to an extent.  And when people know who he really is,  his followers will be cautious if they are wise.  Because it would only be a matter of time when they would be the one fooled.


.     Sometimes even the one you are around the most with can betray you.  Look at Judas.  Not because someone is kind means he is sincere.  God grants wisdom and perception to those who would inquire of him on people’s trustworthiness.  People have to be tested for integrity.  Not just because they are the only options available,  means we should leave our defenses for the only people who surround us.


.     The Bible says it succinctly:

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”    1 Samuel 16:7

.     We have to see the truth as God sees it.  Integrity is difficult to spot,  otherwise man would have been a natural expert.  It took Jesus to see through Judas.  The inner appearance is something God sees clearly,  and it is something we should aspire to see.