Helping Free a Person From Isolation


.     Days come when nothing seems to matter but our loneliness,  our problems.  Sometimes we feel no one understands or cares.  Sometimes we move ourselves away from everyone,  everything.  There are things too personal that others would not easily grasp.


.     Isolation can trick the best of people.  It misleads people to thinking that they just need time by themselves,  they can solve this.  It is really an issue that needs a lot of counseling.  It is an issue that has a deep connection of a person with how he thinks of God.  Loneliness is a struggle that even in smartphones and computers,  people still feel and want to be isolated.


.     Hence the popular phrase, “misery loves company”.  Anyone alone needs someone to talk to,  someone to pour out everything.  That is why the good book specifically mentioned, “It is not good for man (woman also) to be alone.”  We all need somebody to lean on.


.     We need to see that this is just a stage,  as season on life.  There are times when things go awry,  things turn out the worse way possible.  Also loneliness creeps in.  We should try to help make things better for everybody,  especially the lonely and silently suffering.


.     Sometimes the lonely see no hope in sight.  All is just one road to failure,  nothing to come out of things.  It is like groping in the darkness,  no light to make sense of things at all.  You are alive yes,  but it is a sad existence,  really needing of light,  of hope,  of something to hold on to.


.     Still just like day and night,  darkness comes to pass.  God still shines light on life,  and people need to be reassured the sun is rising near the horizon.  God is not numb to our circumstance and really cares for our good.  The problem is sometimes we do no see him.


.     Solitude is not always the solution to  heartaches.  Sometimes the concern of a friend is what is needed to turn things around,  to offer the possibility of change.


.     May times of being alone lead us to think of how better our life could be.  May we see promises instead of darkness,  joy instead of sadness,  the future instead of the past and the present.


.     This could be the opportunity to touch base back with God,  who gives life meaning and sense.  Loneliness was never God’s intention,  but rather what happens when we lose sight and sense of him.  As he is in the light,  the beauty in the world will be made clear.