Finding the Elusive Life


.     People in their busyness, and sheer soldier-mode of just trudging through life –  sometimes fail to experience it.  The other extreme,  tries to find life in pleasures,  such as just coming after vices,  drugs, alcohol, sex, money and what have you.  Still there are others feeling neutral,  just become numb,  just grit on,  but never really happy,  disappointed with what is going on with their life. Different folks, true,  but all with the same need of finding a real life.  All of them are seeking something worthwhile,  something that brings out their passion,  their energies,  their emotions.


.     People fall short of finding that life,  because they neglect this picture above.  We need to see God as life,  life-giver, the source,  the one that can make what we perceive as life into something that is a real blood-flowing life.  The word life is mentioned in the Bible 450 times.  It is an important topic that God regularly wants to talk to us about.  He is serious in giving us a life of value, substance, meaning.  He wants us to be vibrant people, not idiot zombies.


.     It is always God’s desire for us to have fulfilling, contagious, people-attracting life.  Jesus was the life of the party,  getting invited to celebrations.  He was someone people wanted to be with.  Why would you want to be around someone who saps the life from you?  We all know of people who have a negative trait that seems to bring us down as well.  Like a complaining attitude, sarcasm, and a pessimistic view, some people have this to some degree.  We need to take this out from us, and seek the life God wants.  We need to see he really is the life.  Life only unfolds, becomes beautiful,  when we develop our relationship with God.  When we embrace life that he is,  and the life that he gives, only then will we be breathing,  smiling,  overjoyed beings.


.     I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows].  (John 10:10)

.     God’s desire is for his people,  to overflow in every essence of life.  We are not meant to be just breathing, working, sleep, (repeat the cycle several times, then die) –  this is not life.  We are to be talking to God,  voicing our concerns, listening to him,  pouring our heart to him.


.     Life comes from the quality of you are with.  If you do not surround yourself with quality people,  life can be dragging.  If you do not delight in God,  and value his insights,  you may not be having much life in you as well.  If we are not passionate with God,  we will face life with not much energy, not much zest and excitement.  The world was made beautiful by God, and only with his eyes can we see how wonderful he makes it.


.     We need to chew,  digest life.  We need to find a real, enriching, passionate life.  Diligent relationship is something God wants of us.  We don’t just go through the motions but talk to him,  raise up our frustrations,  look for his voice.  Life doesn’t come suddenly.  We need to daily walk this with God.  Death comes instantly,  but not life.  It has to be cultivated, grown, and taken care of.  Otherwise it would not be precious.


.     We need to believe in God for life to overflow within us.  Trust is very important especially to God.  How can we delight in the life he offers if we do not trust him wholeheartedly?  Life only happens when we trust.  Taking time to get to know God, and submitting to him would develop our trust in him.  We need to obey also to prove our trust in him.


.     Finally, imperfect as life may be,  God is at work and is making it vibrant.  Through good and bad,  he is making something,  a story worth telling.  Our lives are special and unique enough, that God is more than excited to offer life to a person seeking, pleading and wanting it.  God does not want misery,  but for a man to be like a stream of water,  refreshing, continual, and life-giving to everyone.  A God who raises life from the dead, only wants people to be full of life,  grateful, loving, considerate, happy.