How Fraternities Kill Every Man


.    Years have proven, the occurrences of deaths from fraternity gang wars,  hazing,  and certain … hidden acts.  Let’s get down to the details of each.


.    Wars among frat members are discreet yet real events.  Starting from the pettiest of reasons,  such as an aggressive stare,  or an alleged disrespect of a girlfriend,  bros would team up with their offended fratmate.  It either becomes a quick get-back (bawi),  even just with a few members just to show force.  Or it can be worse, a full-blown incident using people called starters (fight initiators),  frontliners,  support members and the like.


.    Next death from fraternities are the hazing incidents.  When either the neophyte (“neo”) is too weak,  or the ones inflicting injuries get carried away,  death occurs.


.    The last type of death brought about by fraternity,  is a societal death.  When you are facing court and the judge is an Alpha Scintilla Aquila,  and so is the opposing lawyer,  would justice be served fairly for you?   In another case,  if you are a vendor selling to a Purchaser from Tau Upsilon,  and your competing vendor is a Tau Upsilon,  how would the sale be affected?


.    When shallow hazing-allegiances take the place of justice, righteousness and truth,  what would happen to us as a people?  Would every lambda-lambda-lambda expose all its members?   Can any frat be man enough to be accountable for deaths?   When they do charitable deeds,  can we hold a blind eye to their hidden ways?


.    Transparency is never a virtue of hazing organizations.   There is no lawyer, yet,  able to put a neo’s life above a 100-year old institution.   Who is the fratman that can declare the Filipino is greater than his fraternity?  Man naturally believes in things that transcend him,  such as,  organizations.  But these ancient heritages are imperfect,  and they sometimes become tainted,  to be supportive of killing, hazing.


.    Just as a time for great change was brought by social media,  maybe it has come to the time for current kinship to “initiate” positive change.  Just as their groups have a timeless contribution,  a heritage spanning lives and years,  change will also need to come for the good of society and the reputation of the brotherhood.


.    The truly greater the organization to turn from hazing and frat violence,  the more they evolve to an existence above the typical fraternity.  Times change,  and the killing momentum has to change.  As Cain murdered his brother Abel,  hopefully the time has come for the updated fraternity to break this cycle.


.    Else,  the fraternity will be the same as ISIS,  Abu Sayyaf, and other thugs/terrorist groups,  since they just kill on a smaller scale,  a neophyte every two years.  If our kindred group kills off the weakest (neo’s),  wouldn’t it treat worse the non-members?


.    Hopefully the time will come for real leaders in these organizations to steer their brothers to promote life.  May the utterance of the word fraternity not be shamed with lives buried anymore.  May the future leaders of our society,  not start their college by shedding innocent blood.