Psychiatrists Assessment – Does SC Now Mean Sayad Court?


.    The Supreme Court Justice Maria Sereno has yet to deny the findings and firing of 2 Government Psychiatrists.  Both have graded Judge Serano as a “4”, a substandard rank for a SC level candidate.  The two employees were fired, for doing their job.


.    Though not judges,  security guards and policemen have to score well on their mental/neuro exam.  So a supreme court justice ought to be subject to the same, if not higher standards.  At least pass the neuro exam.  After all, we could put in a Sereno-like people as the standard, if not,  allow “5” which is the lowest (psycho disorder). Number “3” is already compromised,  so how do we allow even a “4”?  Or we could also put in SC the Bar exam failures,  seeing how low our standards are.


.    For our leaders, such as judges,  Average is not such a bad thing.  We need to define the least,  permissible,  acceptable,  level of decency.   Sometimes congressmen,  senators, presidents, judges are not the brightest, most eloquent, most endearing people.  But they should,  at least be .. normal.  A “4” for a mental stablility test is a dangerous instability for a government official, so much more for the highest judiciary rank.  “3” would not even pass for a normal person.  A “2” or a “1”,  should have due consideration for supreme court, for logical exemplary sanity reasons.  If the Supreme Court needs a “5”,  I can recommend one to be a SC justice, so please comment back.


.    In the first place, a position as high as hers should be above reproach. Why didn’t she declare taking a neuro exam on the spot?  At least abolish all doubt of her capability and qualification.  But why wouldn’t she?   MMA Fighters take drug tests before fighting,  drug suspects also take a drug test,  so why wouldn’t a suspected unstable person take a mental-stability test?  Even job seekers are given stringent tests to see their worth and their integrity –  so shouldn’t the highest legal profession be subject to a test as well?


.    If this were Japan,  a government official in the same situation like her would commit harakiri (honorable suicide) or resignation out of shame of not defending oneself properly.  The burden of proof rests with her.  Even Bill Clinton, a US president, had to explain his infamous sex scandal.  Sereno has to explain why a judge is above everyone,  and can avoid being accountable for exam/mental instability.


.    She even blocked election partylist winners from taking their rightful place.  Imagine a SC justice,  denying rightful congressmen their win,  and putting in congress the losers?  I know lawyers lack logic, but this should not be for the highest legal position in the land.  At least have average logic, and average integrity.  She is not called to be a Catholic saint, but at least be a reasonable, fair human.


.    One person is representative of his group, as we see in everyday life.  If you hear someone is a congressman,  you have an idea of who he is.  If someone is a drug pusher/addict,  you have an idea what things such a person does.  With Sereno,  coming from the SC now leads one to ask,  “Does SC mean Sayad (Sanitarium) Court?”  or “Is the SC in Mandaluyong-Loob?”.  With the low standards,  and unanswered doubts,  one would wonder if an SC Justice is even sane.  Please retake your exam.